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Taking the law out of the books

The movie about Jean-Pictet Competition
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It was a year ago. One hundred forty four students coming from 31 countries have accepted to role play putting on a combatant uniform, a magistrate's dress or a humanitarian vest... During the week, these 144 students immersed themselves in the terrible fictitious conflict of “Suleavan”. This 28th edition of the Jean-Pictet Competition in International Humanitarian Law (IHL), was organized in 2016 at Évian-les-Bains in France. The objective of these role plays and case studies: "To take the law out of the books"!

From this experience, the present documentary film was generated: Some 26 minutes of good humor, commitment, suspense with the ambition to raise the viewer interest and "taking the law out of the books".

Clip 1 :

"Let's go!"


Clip 2 :

"Going to Jaraumil"


The Jean-Pictet Competition, named after the principal artisan of the 1949 Geneva Conventions, has been open to students since 1989. Every year it receives support from the International Committee of the Red Cross, from National Red Cross Societies (such as the American, French or German Societies), as well as the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

To encourage the participation of teams from all over the world, the organizers of the Competition have set up the Universality Fund. It aims at financing travel and registration fees for teams whose universities do not have the necessary resources. This year, ten teams will receive support from the Universality Fund. Support students in this project!